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A swing for the sunset

The brief

Hospitality is all about service, is about creating special moments, something that will stick to your memory because it relates to all your senses, a piece of furniture that creates the perfect scenario and gets you in the right mood.

The approach

The sunset is one of those moments that we don't really appreciate in our normal life, passing almost unnoticed all the time; but when you can contemplate it, it becomes something unique something we must share surrounded by the people we love, the beginning of a new day, we designed a piece to enhance this experience.

The solution

Lucia is a swing for 2 or more people, to lay down and swing with the breeze, a light weight structure created by 2 circular frames intertwined with nautical grade rope, prepared to be outdoors, a simple shape that crowns poetically the moment when the sun gives us the first rays of the day.

Year /

Client /
Zavotti Outdoor

Creative Direction /
Victor Alemán

Designers /
Lizbeth Zedillo + María Méndez + Jose Couture

Photography /