The Grid Game

A board game of connections

The Brief

In a world of virtual connections, our games have gone digital. Gone are the sacred moments when we used to gather around a table and played with physical objects; Nowadays, few families keep this tradition alive. To bring back this ritual, board games need to adapt and evolve, be easier to understand, faster to start, interesting to finish and be able to engage people to keep playing round after round.

The approach

Board games are made to socialize, to gather together around a table and enjoy company, it is not about competition but about challenge, the bigger the challenge the tastier the reward, but board games have a few inconveniences too, we design-analyzed a well-known board game, the dominoes, and found all what was wrong, then, redesigned the whole game to create a better experience that could be translated into a more mesmerizing game.

The solution

The Grid is a colorful board game that creates beautiful patterns as you play it. Based on the rules of the Dominoes, it is a mix between a puzzle and a strategy game. The objective is simple, play your tiles before everyone else, do it strategically to prevent your friends from using their tiles, for this to happen you can use your black tiles and lock parts of the game. At the end of the game you will have one of the million possibilities of patterns that can be created with the game beautifully shown at your table.

Year /

Client /
Studio internal development

Creative Direction /
Victor Alemán + Ismael Porras

Design Team /
Victor Alemán + Ismael Porras + Luis Sánchez

Packaging Design /
Alejandra Cervantes + Álan Vázquez + Natalia Guzmán + Marianne Carrasco

Campaign Development /
Érika Gutiérrez + Gustavo Rojas 

Production Development /
Lizbeth Zedillo

Photography & Video /
Ismael Porras

Awards /
a! Diseño, 2015 - Mexico
1208% Successful Kickstarter Campaign - March 2017

Production Insight