A new mexican icon

The brief

Half century ago Mexico was looked as the place to be, beautiful beaches, great food, amazing views and fantastic people, it was what we called the golden age of Mexico. We were at the eyes of the world. In that time one of the great icons of Mexico surged, the Acapulco chair, a unique design that reflected all what Mexico was. Times have changed, Mexico has evolved, we are again in the looks of the world, it is time for new icons.

The approach

Zavotti is a brand with a great vision and full capacity of production that excels in metal working with a passion for processes that mix numeric control parts with handmade crafts & techniques, our approach was to create a collection that mixes these great capacities with beautiful aesthetics to create a really competitive product for the contract market.

The solution

The Ensenada Collection takes visual clues of the Acapulco chair and transforms this aesthetics into a modern approach to production taking advantage of CNC machining processes that create a strong but light aluminum frame finished with a hand-woven pattern that creates a unique feeling of a handmade product.

Year /

Client /
Zavotti Outdoor

Creative Direction /
Victor Alemán

Design Team /
Lizbeth Zedillo + María Méndez + Jose Couture + Alejandro Ramírez

Photography /