Impossible Lighting

The brief

Light has evolved amazingly in the blink of an eye, we past from light bulbs to OLED lighting and the evolution keeps going, but lamps physically and aesthetically are still not there yet. We need to catch up with the latest technology both technically and aesthetically.

The approach

Decimal made is a lamp maker pushing the boundaries of production with a unique style and a modular system to create one of a kind objects, we took one step forward into prospective design to create a product that takes advantage of what 3d printing can make possible using a unique parametric design development

The solution

We created model .009, a lamp designed to hide the light source from the eyes of the user without closing the space to indirect light. Achieved by a carefully thought design and with the use of parametric modeling to calculate every possible angle of the light emitted we created an object that reflects the complexity of its creation both in an esthetical and technical matter.

Year /

Client /
Decimal Made

Creative Direction /
Victor Alemán + Omar Reul

Design Team /
María Méndez + Alejandro Ramírez + José Couture

Photography /
Decimal Made