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Matrioska Tables

The Brief

New spaces require new solutions, left´s bentwood technique has a unique approach to create new shapes that can help develop shapes that before where impossible to think, in this spirit we were looking to create new solutions to old problems.

The Approach

We started from the overall shape of a table and then developed to have certain perks tackled in a different way, we looked to create an object that modular, light and stackable without being obvious.

The Solution

Created by Design Duo Mariana de la Garza and Ivan Zuñiga. These tables were designed for small dynamic spaces; the iconic triangular shape allows the introduction of the small table inside the bigger one, its unique shape was conceived to create different configurations that adapt to your space.

Year /

Client /

Creative Direction /
Mariana de la Garza + Iván Zúñiga

Design Team /
Marianne Carrasco + Natalia Guzmán

Production Development /
Victor Alemán

Photography /
Ismael Porras