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Loopita Hardwood


End of Line

A line goes for a walk

The Concept

A line is an infinite series of points. Understood geometrically, a line has length, but no breadth. A line is the connection between two points, or it is the path of a moving point. When a line reaches a certain thickness, it becomes a plane. Lines multiply to describe volumes, planes, and textures.

The Approach

We explored the creation of dynamic volumes trough the movement of a line, creating visual planes and volumes only constructed by the flow of a line in space to trick the mind to perceive something that it is not entirely there, transforming what we can understand from what we can see.

The Solution

The End of Line is a table that evokes the dynamism of a volume conceived through movement, it is motion that creates an object that is elegant in the simplicity of its lines and the transparency of its composition, letting us see the subtlety of the details that make it up. Following the basic precepts of architecture this table is designed to make the most of the expressive power of the materials that create it.

Year /

Client /

Creative Direction /
Victor Alemán + Ismael Porras

Design Team /
Luis Sánchez

Production Insight