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Exploration of Processes

The Brief

There are materials that are unnoticed by all of us, materials that surround us in our daily life to a point that they become invisible, the unseen extraordinary of the ordinary of these materials.

The Approach

To observe and understand what a simple and common material can offer we have to go deep into the processes that create them and enhance our vision to comprehend the possibilities that we can explore by knowing these processes.

The Solution

The materiality collection is a research of different processes found around Mexico City that are commonly used to create products that are culturally invisible to us, the ones who live in the common life of Mexico, but have a great impact on our economy, this exploration rescues this materials and processes to show them in a different way that enhances the look and feel of each one of the products by its material selection.

Year /

Client /
Cooperativa Panoramica

Creative Direction /
Christian Vivanco + Jose de la O + Moisés Hernández + Joel Escalona + Jorge Etienne + Ian Ortega + Victor Alemán

Photography /
Moisés Hernández

Production Insight