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Handwoven desk

The Brief

Modern times have changed the way we work, being more constant to have your workspace at home. Furniture has to adapt to this tendency, our environments have changed, still we need to feel a difference between our home and our workspace.

The Approach

To find the perfect balance for a place that stands between two worlds we decided to mix two contradictory aesthetics, in one side the overall shape of a functional desk, a plain surface; In the other hand a replica of a handwoven patterns found in Palma baskets to enhance the look of a crafted product.

The Solution

Palma is a desk made to be an enigma, it is made from bent wood with a visible pattern of light created by the unusual shape of the legs that culminates in a beautiful joinery pattern in the working surface of the desk.

Year /

Client /

Creative Direction /
Victor Alemán + Ismael Porras

Design Team /
Natalia Guzmán + Álan Vázquez

Photography /
Ismael Porras