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The art of Materials

The Brief

Wilsonart is a company dedicated to produce and distribute high pressure decorative laminate (HPL), as part of their constant efforts to connect with their clients they present each year at Expo CIHAC show at Centro Banamex, for the 2015 show they allied with Modumex to create a space where they could show in a creative way their new collection.

The Approach

To hide the obvious from the eye was the objective of this project, our goal was to present all the possibilities of combinations that the new collection can create without the space looking like a big catalog of materials, instead we created an interior design that smoothly showed the new collection.

The Solution

The Modumex / Wilsonart booth at Expo CIHAC was planned to be a space constructed inside the booth where materials like marble, stone, brass and solid surfaces worked together to dress the space and hide the light sources. Created with the help of parametric programming and CNC machining, it was designed to create a welcoming space for the curious minds of the customers.

Year /
2007 - 2010

Client /

Creative Direction /
Victor Alemán + Ismael Porras

Awards /
Architizer A+Awards + 2007 AHEC Awards

Photography /
Ismael Porras

Production Insight